Construction of a Good Chair - krzesło, krzesła

Krzesła szkolne i meble dla dzieci. Dobre Krzesła o wszechstronnym przeznaczeniu - krzesła do komputera, krzesła biurowe obrotowe oraz krzesła szkolne. Entelo to linia produktów profilaktycznych. Dobre krzesła biurowe obrotowe dla wszystkich dbających o zdrowie.

Arguments in favor of the Good Chair:


  • 1

    Concave-convex chair form                                                   derived from the combination of the expertise of ergonomics and motor rehabilitation specialists, supports correct spinal alignment, giving the user maximum comfort. The angle of inclination of the backrest of the chair mobilizes the work of the spine muscles, strengthening the spine.
  • 2
    Convex form of seat.
    It allows for proper placement of legs and buttocks leaving them in a natural position.
  • 3
    Thermal comfort                                                                            Innovative manufacturing technology allows for a thermal mantle between the two planes of the chair, providing comfort for the back and buttocks
  • 4
    Extensive support
    Seen on the support of a much larger back area, resulting in increased comfort of use
  • 5
    Flexible form                                                                                The back supports the so-called "dynamic sit" that increases comfort through constant muscle work without leaving them numb
  • 6
    Profiled backrest
    By using the appropriate shape of the backrest it is possible to use a chair in the so-called "reverse seat".
  • 7
    Streamlined shape
    All the edges of the seat are adequately rounded to provide a higher level of safety and comfort
  • 8
    It reduces reflection of artificial lighting and makes it easy to keep the chair clean
  • 9
    Robust construction
    It provides multiple times of prolonged use due to unique manufacturing technology.
  • 10
    Environmentally friendly
    Fully recyclable