Certificates and opinions - krzesło, krzesła

Krzesła szkolne i meble dla dzieci. Dobre Krzesła o wszechstronnym przeznaczeniu - krzesła do komputera, krzesła biurowe obrotowe oraz krzesła szkolne. Entelo to linia produktów profilaktycznych. Dobre krzesła biurowe obrotowe dla wszystkich dbających o zdrowie.

Based on innovative technologies, knowledge of market trends and sense of responsibility, the company uses the highest quality raw materials in the manufacturing process, so that the products are durable and exceptional, and ensure the user's comfort and satisfaction. The products offered fulfil all the standards and have necessary attestations and certificates for use in educational establishments. The Good Chair is produced in accordance with the PN-EN 1729-1:2007 standard.

thumb Certyfikat krzeso SPIDER ENTELO ENCertyficate - Good Chair Spider

thumb Certyfikat krzesa CLASSIC ENTELO ENCertyficate - Good Chair Classic

thumb Certificate Good Chair 1 7 and Swivel ChairsCertyficate - Good Chair C Line and Twist

thumb Certificate Good DeskCertyficate - Good Desk

thumb Certificate Seat sets BenchCertyficate - Seat Sets Bench

thumb Certificate Storia Visto 5 6Certyficate - models Storia Visto size 5 and 6

thumb Certificate Storia Visto Alta Rapid Luka 3 4Certyficate - models Storia Visto Alta Rapid Luka size 3 and 4

thumb Certificate Alta Rapid Luka 5 6 Certyficate - models Alta Rapid Luka size 5 and 6

PZH atestHygiene Attestation from the National Institute of Public Health – State Hygiene Plant for the Good Chair.

1-f14b036286The Statement of Ergonomic Assessment for the Good Chair issued by the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine – Physiology and Ergonomics Plant.

SKMBT C35140804172600 Strona 1Positive reports of research of endurance tests for all swivel chairs in the Good Chair line issued by the Laboratory of the Department of Furniture Technology of the Natural Sciences University in Poznań.